Interact Quiz Builder Walkthrough

Can you pass up an online quiz?

This is rhetorical – because obviously not!

After all, quizzes are everywhere — I mean, I can’t help finding out my personality type (INFJ), which Hogwarts house I’d be sorted in (Ravenclaw), or what my spirit animal is (hawk). 

Quizzes are fun and engaging, and if you’re the CEO or founder of an online business (scratch that: any business), then you need to know that quizzes are also VALUABLE. Quizzes can work as an “opt-in”, generating email leads, and can be an easy way to segment your audience and get to know them better.

In my opinion, quizzes are one of the best ways to engage with an audience, turn cold leads into warm leads, and, most importantly, get to know a target market.

The question isn’t should I use a quiz… The question is “Which quiz should I use? And which quiz builder should I use to create it?”

Enter Interact Quiz Builder.

Why I’m a fan of Interact

It’s easy-to-use. Interact Quiz Builder walks you through everything you need to know, provides quiz templates (filtered by conversion rates) and walks you through the process step-by-step from setup to email integration to sharing your quiz. 

It’s intuitive. You do not need to be super techy to use this software. The hardest part is coming up with the actual quiz content… not building out the quiz. You could get a quiz up and running on your website within 1 hour. Yes, really!

It’s customizable. Interact includes a ton of features to customize your quiz for your business. You can update colors, change fonts, add images, etc. so that the quiz matches your brand.

It has extensive analytics. You’ll get to see results of how people are interacting with your quiz and see stats on what results people get and how they answer your quiz questions. Note: these vary based on which plan you have.

Types of Quizzes Using Interact Quiz Builder

I’m a fan of any software that has multiple options of how it can be used (I’m all about making things work for your individual business!). With Interact, there are three types of quizzes you can create: assessment, personality, and scored.

Assessment quizzes are great to test progress or knowledge on a subject. I personally haven’t built one of these styles of quizzes through Interact (yet) but I see a lot of uses for it. For example, if you have an online course, you could use Interact’s assessment quizzes to quiz your members on what they’ve learned. Or if you run a training program, you could use an assessment quiz to test someone’s knowledge or skill sets.

Personality quizzes are a fun way to place your audience into different types or categories. Typically this looks like something along the lines of “What type of ____ are you?” but you can get creative with it too! I built a personality quiz as an opt-in for my client Lacey, a business and success coach, called Uncover Your Sales Process Secret, which helps entrepreneurs discover their selling style and what they need to shift in their sales process in order to get more sales.

Finally, scored quizzes. Think of the standard Cosmo quiz where you tally up your score at the end (except Interact does this automatically!). Scored quizzes are especially useful to customize content for your audience based on their answers/scores. For example, my client Kelly runs a wellness community & membership site called The Wellness Boulevard, and we built a scored quiz to engage with her members to help them decide which of her workout videos they should do based on how they feel that day.

Interact Quiz Builder Walkthrough

Once you choose which quiz type you’ll create, Interact walks you through everything, step-by-step.

First, Interact prompts you to title your quiz and write out the description:

As I mentioned above, you get to customize your images, colors, and fonts to style your quiz the way you want. Here’s a sneak peek at Kelly’s workout-chooser quiz:

Next, Interact walks you through adding your quiz questions and responses. Note: you have the option to add pictures here too for a more visually engaging experience. 


The next step is to determine how you want the results to be set up.

For Kelly’s quiz, we used this simple scoring system for the results (no joke, it’s really this easy):

Then Interact prompts you to customize the results. You get to set which scores line up with each result and add an image, description, and optional call to action. (Since this quiz is aimed at engaging an existing audience of paid members, the call to action buttons link directly to the workout video Kelly suggests.)


Setting up the results for a personality quiz is similar (and just as easy). After setting up your title and description, Interact prompts you to add your questions and possible responses:

Then you match the responses to the result you’d like it to correlate to:

Interact even makes it easy to set up your quiz as an opt-in to start gathering names and emails to grow your list, walking you step by step through creating the opt-in form and integrating it with your email marketing system.

Note: You can see above there’s an option to easily add GDPR compliant consent!

Interact Quiz Builder Benefits

Interact will help you grow your list. As I’ve mentioned, quizzes are an excellent way to grow your email list because they’re fun and engaging for your audience. On top of that, Interact makes it easy for people to share their quiz results (and spread your quiz even further). Pro Tip: Try to make your quiz results positive so that it’s a result that people WANT to share with their friends! People probably don’t want to share that they’re “struggling most with setting firm boundaries”… but they’re happy to share that their “biggest strength is generosity and over-delivering” … See the difference?

Interact will help you gain insight into your audience. Quizzes are an excellent market research tool. By asking your audience questions, and with Interact’s extensive analytics, you get valuable information about how your audience responds. Not only will people’s results give you insight into the types of people you attract, but Interact breaks down the stats of each response. For example, for Lacey’s sales quiz, her audience is pretty evenly spread out between all result types. But she can gain a lot of insight by looking at the numbers within each question and find out that when it comes to getting people on the phone for sales calls, almost 60% answered that their biggest struggle was that they couldn’t get enough people on the phone.

Interact will help you deliver customized content to your audience based on results. Because of Interact’s extensive integrations, you can connect your quiz to your email marketing system and follow up with new leads with customized content based on their result. Tagging and segmenting allows you to be super strategic in your email marketing and providing content that will be most valuable to your audience.

Who Interact Quiz Builder is For

It should be pretty clear by now that I’m a fan of utilizing quizzes in your online business as a way to grow your list and engage with your audience, and that Interact is my quiz builder of choice.

Interact is a great option for any online business owner who’s looking to grow their list in a way other than offering a free guide or hosting a webinar. Quizzes are one of the simplest ways to get new subscribers – they’re fun for your audience and they don’t require you spending hours upon hours creating new content.

Interact has super affordable options, even if you’re just starting out, with a free version and paid plans starting at $17/month. 

If you’re an OBM or marketing agency, Interact’s Pro version is the way to go. You get unlimited everything and can manage all your clients from one account. (Bonus: Interact also offers one-on-one strategy calls for Pro accounts.)

Are you convinced yet? If you’ve read this far, then I really recommend giving Interact Quiz Builder a go. Click here to sign up and see if it’s right for you! You can get started with a 14-day FREE trial of any plan!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I may make a small commission if you decide to purchase Interact Quiz Builder. This commission comes at no additional cost to you and I only recommend what I actually use in my business and with my clients.