Program Overview


This program will provide you with the foundational resources, training, and support to help you feel more confident in your role on the team, to feel empowered to make decisions, improve communication and processes, and take ownership of projects so that you can enjoy your work and thrive in your position on the team.

Welcome video/message

Module 1

Onboarding and Training

Learn the foundations of online business and the training to operate effectively in your role.

Module 2

Identifying Your Role as a Support Provider

Feel more empowered to work independently, make executive decisions, answer questions, and solve problems with more autonomy and confidence.

Releases November 15, 2021

Module 3

Communication and Day-to-Day Operations

Learn how to run, operate, and communicate with more ease so that things FEEL more streamlined, clear, and smooth, rather than chaotic.

Releases December 6, 2021

Module 4

Systems, Processes, and SOPs

Learn how to think about business operations and create effective systems so that you feel confident in your ability to create a streamlined process for any task in the business.

Releases December 27, 2021

Module 5

Troubleshooting Situations

A “how-to” guide for handling issues behind the scenes so that you feel fully confident no matter what might arise.

Releases January 17, 2022