After working with Megan for more than 5 years, my business is at a truly amazing place. My entire business is systematized, runs smoothly, and leaves me feeling incredibly supported each day. I feel like I’m able to coach and operate in a way that truly lights me up because I have the support to help me do it. My business has made over 7-figures in the last year, I’m booked out and have a wait list, and have grown in every imaginable aspect from income to impact to community to list size and more.

There is no other COO out there like Megan. She is so invested, she deeply cares about your success, and she truly has the skills to back that up. She is BY FAR the best money I’ve ever spent in my business and without her I know I wouldn’t be where I am. If you have a chance to work with Megan, you should take it immediately. I’ve never regretted a second of the time she’s spent in my business.

– Lacey Sites

During a time when my business was scaling to its first million dollar year, Megan was instrumental in our team’s growth! We were entering a chapter of hiring, growth, and a shift in focus, and Megan helped to empower everyone in their new positions, gave them tangible tools for success, and was very hands-on in walking us through new systems/processes. Instead of giving us a cookie-cutter mold for structure, she worked with us to develop our own systems & strategies based on our team’s strengths.

Through our team’s work with Megan, I feel confident in our continued growth, my team feels empowered, and we were able to cross the coveted million dollar mark. We can’t recommend Megan enough!

– Leah Gervais

Megan is the most rock solid COO ever. She and I meet to discuss goals and objectives in the business and I trust her completely to create systems and processes to make them happen. And she does every single time. There isn’t an area of my business that hasn’t benefited from having Megan in my corner – we’ve increased sales (we’re on track to 2x last year’s revenue), increased peace of mind and decreased stress.

Megan is the actual best. On the daily I am so grateful to her for taking me on as a client and working with me. 

– Sara Wiles

Working with Megan is such a delight and helps me not worry about details and focus on the big picture and vision for my business. She is a thought partner who deeply cares about my business and is always looking for ways to improve our processes so my clients and community have the best service possible.

I highly recommend working with Megan – she is always booked so if she has a spot open grab it while you can. She is one of the BEST in her field.

– Maggie Reyes

Megan offers the support and resources we all need in creating a business and team that thrive! She asks all the right questions, gets to the root of the issue, and presents tangible solutions that truly have made all the difference in managing a big team that serves hundreds of clients.

– Kayla Wells

Megan has a unique ability to think in both a strategic way AND a systems-oriented way. She is honest and direct, but in a way that doesn’t ever make you feel wrong for not having come to a solution on your own.

No matter how big or unsolvable a problem feels to be, Megan has a way to suggest an approach or a solution in a way that feels easy but also calming. She makes complex business challenges feel simple and attainable, and I feel so grateful to have her in my corner.

– Jennifer Grayeb

It’s not an exaggeration to say my entire business has changed since I started working with Megan. We’re working smarter and more efficiently, which allows me to spend more time in my zone of genius.

She doesn’t just know my business inside and out, I feel like she’s always thinking about me and my business and how she can help me grow it and better serve my audience. I’m so thankful to have found Megan!

– Kristi Dosh

Megan is the real, real deal. I’m so grateful for her support!! Megan’s helped me understand SO much about leading and managing a team (in a way that feels good) that supports me to continue to grow my business. Her templates have helped the back-end of my business get more organized, run more smoothly, and makes it easier on my team to support me!

What I’ve learned and implemented or shared with my team has brought so much more ease and space into my business, which helps me focus more on my clients and the work that brings me joy!

– Kim Argetsinger

Megan is a master at creating simple systems and processes for online businesses, and I’ve benefited from that in a big way. I have seen my business grow by tens of thousands of dollars year after year, and that would not have been possible if I was bogged down in the weeds in my business instead of focusing on doing my very best work.

I also deeply appreciate that Megan brings a lot of integrity to her work, which makes it so easy to trust her and build my business with her by my side. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you will discover that she shows up fully invested in your business and will be your partner in growing a business that truly makes your desired lifestyle possible.

– Ashley Gartland

Having access to Megan’s brain has been so helpful with her level of experience and expertise as a COO, and her support around hiring, team and communication around that has been invaluable.

My eyes literally glaze over when I hear the word systems so having templates and systems that I can literally plug and play into my business has saved me and my team countless hours of work. Megan’s so great at breaking down processes and systems in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement into my business (which is why it works!) Thank you Megan- have so appreciated your support!

– Elise Maisonneuve

Megan and her team have been a DREAM to work with. What my business needed most was consistency and reliability and this is exactly what they have delivered. I have been able to be very hands off in the backend of my business, not needing to teach or guide anyone, which has saved me even more time.

Megan oversees it all and does so without missing a thing. Even my husband has seen the difference since working with Megan as I am no longer as stressed and putting out fires all day. Love her and am very grateful!!

– Kate Crocco

Megan is such a delight and gifted human! Megan helped me with so many of the “automated” parts of my business that I was missing before behind the scenes. She helped my VA and I get to a space where our launch SOP process is actually solid!! That led to my smoothest and best launch by far. Megan is incredible– I highly recommend her!

– Anna Frandsen