As an online business owner, most clients walk through your virtual door thanks to social media, digital advertising, and content marketing. A great content system not only makes your life easier, but also improves how easily you get clients, how often you generate leads, and how well you build community. That’s why this is the first system I set up for any new client.

Why This System

This content system will improve the efficiency of your content marketing strategy and decrease the number of decisions you have to make each day. The more you streamline your decisions by streamlining your processes, the more time, energy, and space you’ll have for what moves your business forward the fastest. 

Implementing this system will help you make better decisions, focus on the long-term growth of your business, create new products and programs, and perhaps even expand your capacity for clients and client services. This is the foundation on which any content-based business runs – and it’s the first system I set up for any new client.


What’s Included?

This system will show you general content organization so that executing on your content marketing strategy feels easy and efficient. You’ll receive: 

  • Walkthrough video showing how to set up your content system, including how to customize your content inventory so all of your content is in one place, how to plan out your content calendar and schedule, and tips on how to bring in your team into the process
  • Content system template spreadsheet to copy into your Google Drive, with instructions on how to customize to make it work for your business
  • Example content system so you can see a full example of how the spreadsheet might look when it’s built out, serving as inspiration for how you could customize the process for your business
  • Example content Trello board to show one example of how to use Trello to organize content (which can be tweaked in order to implement using any software or tool that you choose)

What tools do I need?

You’ll want Google Drive, as I use Google spreadsheets for the foundation in all client content systems. I also share an example using Trello to organize content – but you can customize the general process using any platform.

Do I need to have a team to use this system?

While I do explain how to use and share this with your team, you can use this process even if you’re flying solo. This is for solopreneurs who want to make it easier to create, share, and repurpose content… and for entrepreneurs with a team who know there’s room to streamline and improve. 

The goal of this system is to create and implement a simple process to better organize and share your content. If your content system feels scattered or you’re making too many decisions about what’s getting posted, when, and where, this is for you.

Streamline Your Content System


The Streamline Your Content System will help you organize and plan your content so that executing on your content marketing strategy feels easy and efficient. Set up this process now and it will continue to help you for months, even years to come.

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