When it comes to finding the right team member, it’s a little bit magic and a lot of bit preparation. When you’re looking for a VA, OBM, or other support provider to join your team, you need a simple, repeatable process to find the right fit so you can grow your business with more ease. Grab the exact process I use to build my team.

Why This Training

Here’s why hiring feels hard: You’re looking for the right skills when you should be finding the right fit. Building a strong virtual team is about qualities over qualifications. Because while things like Active Campaign or WordPress can be learned, the right chemistry needs to exist from the start. You want team members who align with your values, your standards for work, and your commitment to growth. You want team members who mesh with your business, your company culture, and your preferred work environment (yes, even when you run a virtual team).

While skills do matter, they’re also acquirable, teachable, and learnable. To find team members who will grow with your business and support you for years to come, prioritize qualities over qualifications. This training will show you how.


What’s Included?

This training includes the exact hiring process I use to build my team. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Walkthrough video sharing A to Z of how I hire a new team member, including what I look for, suggestions and tips, and detailed descriptions of how to use the resources and templates included
  • Job description template to clearly outline what you’re looking for and make it easy to share the opportunity
  • Job description example so that you can see what your final version might look like
  • Application question guide listing out sample questions to add to your application to filter out people who may not be the right fit
  • Example application so that you can see what your final version might look like
  • Application template using Google Forms to copy and customize so creating a simple application is quick and easy
  • Interview guide listing sample questions to ask during interviews, with suggestions on different types of questions so that you’re getting a well-rounded understanding of each applicant
  • Sample exercise guide with suggestions and ideas when providing a sample/test exercise for potential applicants
  • Useful resources guide sharing different places you could post or share your job opportunity to reach more people and get highly qualified applicants
  • The opportunity to send me your job description so that I can share it with my private referral network of VAs, OBMs, and other service providers

What is your hiring philosophy?

When it comes to hiring team, I take a “qualities over qualifications” mentality, which means I hire with intention based on fit first and skills second. While both are important, I’ve learned that the best teams are born with this philosophy in mind.

Is this only for entrepreneurs ready to hire now?

If you’re currently looking for a VA or OBM, this is essential. But even if you’re not currently in the market for a new team member, you’ll benefit from taking this training right now (rather than waiting until right before you’re ready to hire).

Instead of rushing to find a good fit – like, yesterday – having a great hiring process in place means you’ll know exactly how to fill a role whenever you have one. By knowing what you need, and how to find it, this training will set you up for hiring your first and tenth team member, whether you’re ready to do that now or in the future.

How to Hire with Ease


The How to Hire with Ease training shares the exact hiring process I use to build my team and help six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs find the right support to grow their team. It includes all the resources you need to hire a team that you love and who love working with you.

System: Hire With Ease
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