Starting a podcast is a great strategy for growing an audience and converting clients… but it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start, manage all the moving pieces of setup, while also trying to get the podcast into as many ears as possible. From which podcast platform to use to the podcast launch strategy that’s proven to work for all audience sizes, here’s everything you need to successfully plan and launch a podcast.

Why This Process

You’ve got an awesome idea for a podcast and you’re excited to get this content out there for others to hear. But you’re starting to realize a lot stands between you and the first episode, and even more stands between the first episode and hitting top podcast charts with a growing audience.

A well-run podcast can help a business reach new people, sell more services, and establish expertise, but first, you have to go from “idea” to “production” (and then promotion). As an Online Business Manager, I’ve been helping clients start, launch, and promote podcasts for years, implementing processes that helped them get featured on New & Noteworthy, receive dozens of reviews and thousands of downloads, and land in top industry charts.

Now I’m putting in one place everything you need to successfully plan and launch a podcast.


What’s Included?

This podcast launch system includes the exact checklists, strategies, and templates my clients and I use to plan and launch a podcast.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Walkthrough video – I’ll share with you exactly how to use this podcast launch system, from how to prep and plan the podcast to the launch team strategy to get your podcast into as many ears as possible. I’ll share with you best practices and walk you through all of the materials included in this template and how to customize them for your business.
  • Getting started guide – There are a lot of pieces to manage when starting a podcast, but I’ll reduce your decision fatigue by shortening the amount of time you have to spend on podcast research. This guide provides an outline of decisions to make from getting the back end set up, to deciding the format of the podcast itself, to what you’ll use in marketing materials for each episode, and decisions to make on how and when you’ll launch the podcast.
  • 5-minute video on launch team strategy from my brilliant friend and client, Lacey Sites of A Lit Up Life. In this video she will introduce you to the launch strategy that’s worked for her and her clients, including entrepreneurs making seven-figures (with an audience in the thousands) and business owners just starting out.
  • Launch team tracking spreadsheet templates to copy into your Google Drive so you can easily implement the launch strategy and keep your launch team engaged. If you want to launch with ease, this spreadsheet is non-negotiable.
  • Launch checklist outlining everything you and your team need to do to launch the podcast and prep for the launch team so you can build momentum for the podcast right away.
  • Podcast launch timeline spreadsheet to copy into your Google Drive so that you know exactly what to focus on and when to launch your podcast with ease. This spreadsheet outlines all the tasks to complete with timelines of when to get them done, based on your podcast launch date.
  • Podcasting tools and resources where I share all of my favorite tools, apps, and resources that I use and recommend to make podcasting easier from production to promotion.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants a stress-free, simple, and successful podcast launch.

This podcast launch system is for the business owner who wants to launch a podcast but isn’t sure where to start. I’m giving you the exact checklists, strategies, and templates my clients and I use to successfully launch a new podcast.

This is also a great resource for the OBM or VA who has a client launching a podcast and wants to help facilitate that process with more ease (for both you and your client). This training includes the exact process I use to launch and promote podcasts for my clients as their Online Business Manager.

This launch strategy has worked for businesses at every level. If you want to launch a podcast, get it in as many ears as possible, or create more recognition and sales with a successful podcast, this is for you.

Will this teach me the skills on how to create quality content or how to edit audio for my podcast?

This template shares with you the process of starting and launching a podcast, but it won’t teach specifics on the “how tos” of content creation, production, etc. My expertise is around creating systems and providing support on the back end of businesses to make the process runs as smoothly as possible, so this template is geared to help you make decisions and provide resources to make the execution of your podcast launch successful.

Plan and Launch a Successful Podcast


The Plan and Launch a Successful Podcast framework walks you through the entire process of starting a podcast and shares the proven launch strategy to make your podcast launch a success – with all the resources you need to make the entire process simple and streamlined.

System: Podcast Launch
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