This training includes the exact hiring process I use to build my team with ease. I’m sharing A to Z of how I hire a new team member, including what I look for, a job description template, a sample application questionnaire to help qualify leads, interview questions to ask each candidate, and everything else you need to find the right fit for your business.

How to make the most of this system

Get started by watching the walkthrough video above for the full hiring process overview and detailed explanation of each step and each resource linked below (hint: boost the speed if you’re short on time). Step one is to write out your job description, which will help you get clarity on what position you’re looking to fill + this is what will make your job opportunity easy to share (so you can find the right fit). From there, you’ll send people to fill out an application so that you can easily sort through candidates. Below you’ll find resources for interview questions and sample test exercises. Finally, make sure to check out the useful resources guide to learn the best ways to get your job opportunity in front of the right people – and when you’re ready, submit your job opportunity to me so that I can share it within my referral network.


Job description template

Make a copy of this google doc and edit the highlighted areas to create your job description. Not only will this help you clearly outline what you’re looking for, but it makes it easy to share the opportunity and get it in front of the right people. (To copy this to your google drive, click on File > Make a copy.)

Job description example

This doc shows what your final job description might look like, using a content writer position as an example.

Application sample questions

This guide lists out sample questions to add to your application, with suggestions on different types of questions that will allow you to filter out people who may not be the right fit.

Example application

This link shows what your final application form might look like. Although it’s not necessary to have the form on your website like I have in this example, I do recommend using some type of questionnaire or form builder (like google forms) to make it easy to process through applications.

Application template

If you’d like to use google forms for your application, I’ve created a template that you can copy and customize. In order to allow public access to copy this template, I’ve provided editing permissions; please do not edit the template. At the top of the form are instructions on how to copy it to your google drive so that you can customize and gather responses.

Interview guide

This guide lists out sample questions to ask during interviews, with suggestions on different types of questions so that you’re getting a well-rounded understanding of each applicant.

Sample exercise guide

In this guide I share an overview of suggestions to follow when providing a sample exercise for potential applicants (whether it’s free or paid) and list ideas to help you brainstorm what exercises you could create for whichever role you’re looking to fill on your team.

Useful resources

This guide lists out suggestions of different places you could post or share your job opportunity (using your job description) to reach more people and get highly qualified applicants.

Submit your job opportunity

Using this form, you can send me your job opportunity (your job description, linking to an application). I’ll share it within my private referral network of VAs, OBMs, and other service providers.