This maternity leave planning bundle will walk you through step by step how to prepare your business + team for an extended leave so that you can continue to get results + know your business is running smoothly, even while you’re away. The materials are mostly geared towards planning a maternity leave, but the general process can be customized to plan ANY extended time off (whether that’s a vacation, sabbatical, or holiday break).

How to make the most of this system

Get started by watching the walkthrough video above (hint: boost the speed if you’re short on time). Use the Initial Planning Guide to walk you through the decisions to make when planning your leave and how you want it to look. From there, start mapping out your monthly focus + priorities using the Planning Timeline and Planning Calendar template.


Initial planning guide

This guide walks you through all the decisions to make and questions to ask yourself as you’re beginning to plan your time off.

(Video time stamp: 6:27)

Planning timeline

Reference this timeline to help you outline what you and your team should focus on month by month leading up to your maternity leave.

(Video time stamp: 17:22)

Planning calendar template

Copy this spreadsheet to your google drive and use it to map out a visual outline of the important dates and priorities for you and your team before, during, and after your maternity leave.

(Video time stamp: 21:41)

In labor checklist + contingency plan example

Reference this example to use as you create your own checklist and contingency plan with your team so that everyone knows exactly what to do when you go into labor (and what to do if things don’t go as planned).

(Video time stamp: 29:29)

Maternity leave schedule example

Reference this example as you outline your responsibilities and important dates (so that you can be unplugged and not tied to your calendar during your time off).

(Video time stamp: 37:30)

Content calendar template

Copy this spreadsheet to your google drive and use it to plan out your content for while you’re away so that your team knows exactly what to post and when. Also use this to stay organized while planning guest livestreams / guest expert trainings, if applicable.

(Video time stamp: 40:50)

Further Support

For a more in-depth process for content organization and planning, check out my Streamline Your Content System.

If you’re looking to empower your team to be more confident in their roles and take more ownership of projects in your business (especially while you’re away), my Team Empowerment Program provides them with the training + resources to learn to support you on a higher level.

For more personalized support to help you and your team plan for your maternity leave, message me to inquire about an intensive. Availability is limited, so if you’re thinking about this, reach out today.