This podcast management system includes the exact process, spreadsheets, and templates I use to effectively organize, manage, and promote client podcasts. I’ll share with you how to easily manage it all so that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

How to make the most of this system

Get started by watching the walkthrough video above for the full podcast management overview and detailed explanation of the processes, how to get set up, and how to best implement each resource linked below (hint: boost the speed if you’re short on time).


Sample podcast folder

This shows an example of how to get started with the initial setup of your main podcast folder and subfolders. (Reference 3:28 – 22:30 in the video above for full explanation and context.)

Episode list template

Use this template as a master episode list to organize everything you need for each individual episode, while also keeping all team members and tasks on track. (To copy this to your google drive, click on File > Make a copy.)

Show notes template

Use this example to create a show notes template for you or your team to use so that writing show notes for each episode is simple and streamlined.

SOPs example

Use this example to create your own process overview to write out step by step what needs to happen for each episode, who’s doing it, and when it’s getting done.

Task list template

Use this template to map out the exact tasks and details that need to get done each week for your podcast episodes. Copy and paste the tasks in your task management system to delegate to your team, or view the tab “How to use this spreadsheet” for resources on how to import it directly into your task management software. (To copy this to your google drive, click on File > Make a copy.)

Sample weekly promo calendar

Use this sample promo calendar as a guideline to create a schedule of when and where you and your team will promote and share each episode. (Note: if you need more help with general content organization and planning, my Streamline Your Content System complements this well.)

Podcast stats tracking spreadsheet template

Use this template to track your weekly podcast analytics to look for trends, averages, stand-out episodes, and most popular content. (To copy this to your google drive, click on File > Make a copy.)

Podcasting tools and resources

This guide lists out my favorite tools, apps, and resources that I use and recommend to make podcasting easier from production to promotion.