This system will help you organize and plan your content so that executing on your content marketing strategy feels easy and efficient. With a streamlined content system in place, you’ll be able to create more consistency in your posting, have peace of mind knowing all your content is saved in one place, easily plan what content gets posted where and when, and set the foundations for passing to your team with ease (whether you have a team now or plan to in the future).

How to make the most of this system

Get started by watching the walkthrough video above for the full content framework overview and detailed explanation of how to customize the template for your business (hint: boost the speed if you’re short on time). The first half focuses on the template itself, the second half shows you an example so you can see it in action.

I know it can feel intimidating and time-consuming to set up a new system, but I promise you that if you put in the time and energy now, it will continue to help you for months or years to come. The key here is in allowing this template and example to serve as a foundation and inspiration for how you can customize this to make it work for you and your business.


Content System Template

This is the template of the content system and the foundation that you’ll use to customize your process. You’ll start on the ‘Key’ tab which explains how to get started with editing the template to work for your specific business. (To copy this to your google drive, click on File > Make a copy.)

Example Content System

This shows an example of how the content system might look when it’s built out, to serve as inspiration on how you could customize the process for your business.

Example Content Trello Board

Here’s an example of how I use Trello to organize content. You can of course use any tool that you want to store your content (google docs, asana, etc.) – I like to use Trello for social media posts because of the visual layout, simplicity in attaching graphics, and how easy it is to access from a phone (which is especially useful for posting).