When you’re busy and already at max capacity, it can be hard to create the time, space, and energy to build and train a high-quality team that supports you in the way you desire so you can grow and scale your business with more ease. With the Team Empowerment Program, I’ll train your team for you – so you can have support so good it feels like magic.

Why This Training Program

Having good support is essential as you grow and scale your business. But one of the biggest challenges I see entrepreneurs face is building a team that operates smoothly and makes you feel fully supported behind the scenes. When you’re busy and already at max capacity, it can be hard to create the time, space, and energy to build and train a high-quality team that supports you in the way you desire. That’s where I come in and how this Team Empowerment Program will help – you’ll have an experienced OBM doing the training FOR you.

I’ll provide the foundational resources, training, and support to help your team feel more confident in their roles. To help them support you on a higher level in your business, feel empowered to make decisions, improve communication and processes, and take ownership of projects – freeing up more of your time, energy, and headspace.

Why Hire Me to Train Your Team

As someone who has been in the online business industry for over 8 years, is currently a practicing OBM and wants to be one for the long-term, I’m the perfect person to give your team the permission and guidance to do the same and support you for years to come!

As the OBM and COO behind some of the biggest leaders in the industry, I know how to help six- and seven-figure businesses run efficiently behind the scenes.

I’ve led and managed teams of various sizes, and over the years have trained over 20 team members – most of whom had zero prior knowledge or experience in the online space.

This means I know what it takes to both support a growing business and train and lead team members to provide them with what they need to thrive in the support role.

Who This is For

This team training program is best suited for six- or seven-figure business owners who:

  • Struggle to find good team members who stick around and support you in the way you want, or you have a team you love but there’s still something missing when it comes to being supported in the way you desire
  • Have great team members but there still seems to be something that isn’t clicking (and you don’t have time or don’t know how to train them to empower them more in their position)
  • Feel “stuck” when it comes to team because it feels like your team always needs you involved in order to get things done (and you just don’t have the time to be “in” everything anymore)
  • Are holding a lot of space for clients/programs/business growth and can’t hold more space for team, too (and so you’d love someone else to train your team and empower them to execute, make more decisions, and better manage themselves)
  • Want a team that is fully invested in your business and wants to be part of it for the long haul (and you’re looking for someone to give them permission and mentorship to do that)

This is not a training program for VAs or OBMs to learn about building their business. This is for your team members to learn how to better support YOUR business – whether your team has prior experience or not, whether they are brand new or have been with you for years.

Prior to enrolling my team in the program, I was stuck in the ironic trap of being too busy to delegate. My team was eager to take on more and have more ownership, but they weren’t sure the best way to support me when I wasn’t carving out the time to specifically delegate.

After having my team go through the Team Empowerment Program with Megan, I’m finding they take on things without being asked and come to me with ideas of things they can just run with versus putting back on my plate. They are helping stop me from being the well-intended bottleneck in my own business which has them empowered to take on more and gives needed time back to me as the CEO.

Megan is one of the most incredible operations leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with. If you are looking for your team to come to you with solutions instead of problems and make suggestions about things they can take off your plate or ways they think the business can run more efficiently, you NEED this program.

– Jennifer Grayeb

The Team Empowerment Program was amazing! The quality of training and tools are invaluable. Megan’s knowledge of remote team working in the online space along with her professionalism show throughout the program. The course material from team communication methods, systems & processes, setting boundaries, and creating efficient workflows has definitely helped me approach my work in a more effective way. I feel I’m a better team member after implementing many of her processes. The Live Q&A calls were incredibly helpful as well to talk through situations and receive others’ perspectives. Megan is so approachable and caring. I highly recommend this course!

– Trina Kearney

Having Megan in my corner through my transition from executive assistant to online business manager has been a game-changer for my mindset & business. Before joining the Team Empowerment Program & working with Megan, I felt stuck & lacked the confidence to trust myself & step into this new role. Through this program & her guidance, I went from feeling stressed out & overworked to releasing things that were draining me & no longer felt good so I could focus on what I love to do in my business, move forward, & free up time. With Megan’s support & accountability, I have learned how to trust myself more & I am gaining the confidence to step into this new role.

Megan has a unique ability to simplify things & she blows me away with her support & guidance. She has helped me transform my business, schedule & processes, has given me accountability & I have truly never felt so supported before in my business. I adore Megan & want to keep her in my back pocket forever! She is helping me grow & lean into higher level positions with clients & I know I could not have done this without her.

– Andrea Balcunas

Before the Team Empowerment Program, I felt like I needed more support as the Operations Manager. The CEO has always been super supportive but I wanted to have someone that I can bring items and questions to. Someone that was unbiased and that had experience in supporting 7 figure businesses so that I could confidently step more into the role. I love Megan’s leadership style and how she leads her team and business and that is something I strive to do.

During the program, I was offered and accepted a full time position on the team that I currently work on. In addition, the CEO has been giving more access in the business so I can make higher level decisions in the company.

Now I feel more confident in the decisions I make in the business, I feel more empowered to bring certain items to the CEO’s attention that need to be addressed, and overall that I am the best person to support the CEO, the team, and the business.

– Gretchen Dauzat

During a time when my business was scaling to its first million dollar year, Megan was instrumental in our team’s growth! We were entering a chapter of hiring, growth, and a shift in focus, and Megan helped to empower everyone in their new positions, gave them tangible tools for success, and was very hands-on in walking us through new systems/processes. Instead of giving us a cookie-cutter mold for structure, she worked with us to develop our own systems & strategies based on our team’s strengths.

Through our team’s work with Megan, I feel confident in our continued growth, my team feels empowered, and we were able to cross the coveted million dollar mark. We can’t recommend Megan enough!

– Leah Gervais

I am so grateful to have worked with Megan! I was recently promoted into a new position and Megan provided the exact support I needed to transition into an operations role. She was there to answer any questions I had and also walked me through how to best set up and utilize our team’s project management software. I loved how thorough her answers were and she would even send loom walk-through videos if needed. Because of Megan’s support, I feel confident in supporting our team in this new role!

– Brooke Benson

Before working with Megan, I was struggling with taking initiative when making decisions and keeping communication within my team organized. After working with Megan, she helped me shift into a more confident mindset when making decisions. She taught me to reflect on my thought process and why I was asking the questions I would. Aside from that, she helped me and our entire team with the structure of our communication. Since our work together, I have noticed our tasks being done on time and our communication is much more organized. Working with Megan was such a pleasure. She listened to our needs and always offered a helpful suggestion or solution. She was available whenever we needed her support and kept up with our progress throughout our time together.

– Abby Gervais

Megan has been a godsend in my journey to becoming a confident COO of a 7-figure business. She’s helped me navigate new platforms, team challenges, the creation of seamless operating procedures, and so much more! Having her guidance has allowed me to navigate business challenges so much faster than if I did it all on my own.

Megan’s Team Empowerment program is well worth the investment! She covers the essentials but also digs into the more nuanced pieces of team culture, like giving feedback and handling mistakes. Not to mention that the templates she includes are massively helpful and would enhance any team! Best part is, she empowers your team of service providers to think creatively and take the lead. Highly recommend!

– Kayla Wells

Program Overview

This team training program includes 5 team training modules with 26 lessons + customizable templates to provide your team with the foundations and resources to step more fully into their role.

Module 1: Onboarding and Training

Includes the foundations of online business and the necessary training your team needs to operate effectively in their role(s) – building the right foundations to set you and the business up for long-term success.

Module 2: Identifying Your Role as a Support Provider

Guiding team to feel empowered to work independently without a lot of hand-holding and are able to make executive decisions, answer questions, and solve their own problems with more autonomy and confidence. This helps create long-term team retention within your business because your team is happy and clear in their role (and so that makes you happy because your team wants to stay and grow with you long-term)!

Module 3: Communication and Day-to-Day Operations

Streamline processes to help your team run, operate, and communicate with more ease so that things FEEL more clear and smooth, rather than chaotic. Each lesson will help your entire team communicate and operate with more ease so that things run smoothly on the back end, preventing things from slipping through the cracks.

Module 4: Systems, Processes, and SOPs

Teaches team how to think about business operations and create effective systems so that your team feels empowered in their ability to create a streamlined process for any task in your business. Each lesson will support your team in organizing the back end of the business in a way that allows things to feel more streamlined and organized, creating more ease in the business and setting the foundations to have things run like a well-oiled machine.

Module 5: Troubleshooting Situations

A “how-to” guide for handling issues behind the scenes so that your team feels fully confident no matter what might arise and you feel really supported in your business without having to be the one always overseeing and managing everything. Each lesson will provide your team with suggestions and resources for how to work through common issues that come up for support providers and teams, from how to handle mistakes in the business to how to prevent burnout, so they can continue to support you on a higher level.

Best of all, you get a lifetime business license to this program so that you can put all of your team members through this training (now and in the future) to streamline your company culture and operations.


With this training program, 99% will be completed by your team. They will be watching the video modules and implementing the exercises, processes, and systems into your business. However, there is one 15-minute introductory video required for you to watch (as the business owner). I keep this video short because I know how busy you are, but I’ve included it because it ensures you and your entire team will be on the same page moving forward!

This program isn’t about training for a specific role in your business, and you can put any or all of your team members through this program. With that said, it will be most beneficial for your right-hand person, whether that’s a solo VA who helps you with a little bit of everything, or an OBM or COO, or even just someone who you envision growing into a higher level role in your business. My goal is to provide your team with the general foundational trainings to improve how they show up (no matter what their role is).

The main objective in this program is to train your team how to think and operate in better ways in your business. While specific skills will not be taught during this program, I will teach your team how to resource themselves if they don’t know something and show them how to use the skills they already have and apply them to your business.

This program includes lessons to provide the foundational resources, training, and support to help your team feel more empowered in their role.

If you or your team would like further support, you’ll also have the option to purchase more support from me in two ways:

  • Exclusive access to private intensives and consults with me, either for you personally or for your team to have my eyes on specific challenges or systems in your business. Once you’ve purchased the Team Empowerment Program, you’ll have the opportunity to book calls with me at a discounted rate anytime you or your team need personalized support.
  • Exclusive access to monthly Office Hours for your team so they can ask me questions on an ongoing basis (rather than you– freeing up your time and headspace dramatically!). Your team will get access to monthly office hours with me for ongoing support as they implement this team training program and step more fully into their role in your business!

Both options will be available as soon as you join the program.

Feel free to send me a message through this form or DM me on Instagram.

Team Empowerment Program

Investment: $1997

The Team Empowerment Program helps your team to support you on a higher level in your business, feel empowered to make decisions, improve communication and processes, and take ownership of projects – freeing up more of your time, energy, and headspace.

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